Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taking One Day At A Time

Well there is so much to say .. and yet it's almost 2 am in the morning .. Well let me try and get u a fast update on what you have missed..

1st off the first of the year didn't start off so good.. My landlord who shall remain nameless threw me a curve ball by coming to my home and saying that I had 30 days to vacate because she was selling the property.. and even though I was somewhat prepared to move out eventually.. lets just say I didn't have a lot of notice and it definitely wasn't the best way to start off 2014..

But to make a long story short .. within 30 days I had discarded a lot of clutter fully packed my home and made some life changing choices.. I would stay with a friend / store my belongings and hopefully wait things out.. (code for pray for a fast end to my work drama)  After all surely it wasn't going to take forever.. at least that was what I was hoping for.. and even if it did take a few months I felt like I could wait things out.. hmm well now I gotta skip forward a bit..

I get to my friends home and just start to settle in when I'm given the news that within very little time I will be once again homeless.. it seems my friend wants to up and move and therefore I had a choice stay and take over the lease or move out.. So fortunately for me it wasn't that difficult to move again.. this time ending up at my family home a good hour away from my work..  Horrible situation.. after all that would make for long days driving back and forth, as well as wear and tear on my vehicles.  I would also worry about my little dog and unfortunately at my age feel a little off kilter back in my hometown.. but I did it .. basically I had no choice because I was still working and had to lay my head down somewhere.. and lets just say other choices I had seemed to be too imposing..

so that catches you up from April til May ..but close to the end of May my life would take another drastic turn.. and I'd have to say it was for the best .. after all it had become unbearable at the office .. to put it bluntly the doctor had become ill with some dreaded blood disorder for lack of a better diagnosis .. and with his unfortunate illness came a spiraling chain torment that lead to a horrific end to my position at the office.. Now you have to understand the torment that I had gone through for years was bad enough but within just a few months.. things had become not only unbearable but frightening.. (oh yeah I forgot to mention that it seems I was the last to know about his condition and only when he was fixing to receive treatment and be out of the office was I given the details.. ).. Anyway.. as I previously stated everything had gone from bad to worse to frightening within just a few short months.. and I even reached out for help from such as .. the head of medical staff, hospital administrator and security.  In the end it seemed most people no matter at how troubling things were felt that I had very little choices .. legal or otherwise.. hmm choices.. I doubt if anyone could really understand my rock and hard place situation after all I had to work to pay my bills .. that being said it seemed I would have to confront someone eventually possibly the Doc which was even more frightening .... However one day I found myself listening to his wife tell me again for the millionth time that she understood things were difficult between me and him but I had to just deal with him continually striking out at me in every way shape and form.. She again stated that she was sorry but he had some kind of depressive disorder and on top of that was his obsessiveness about the illness and lack of sleep he was getting ... she was afraid things were going to get worse before they got better.. if that.. she said maybe if they didn't get better she could get him to retire.. I stated I wouldn't hold my breath on that .. but I was almost at my breaking point.. after all I was uncomfortable about things I was being asked to do and he's reign of torment against me was fixing to come to an end.. because if he did anything more I was going to stand up for myself.. I had to because it was a horrific working environment I was working in.. and I didn't know what else to do.. I even allowed her to listen to the audio of him threatening me with physical harm and told her that he had completely lost it and it was making me a nervous wreck.

She agreed and spouted some kind of acknowledgement of my situation and that maybe there could be some sort of compromise they could make  ..a way things could be worked out for everyone..

Needless to say that didn't happen.. and my job ended in late May .. I would say more but it really is pointless.. basically he was always horrible and it ended horrible.. but I can remember driving away crying and feeling as thou a heavy weight had been lifted off of me.  I also remember thinking I can hold my head up because I had no regrets .. I had tried for so long to do everything he had asked of me and at what cost .. my pride .. my integrity .. No I can honestly say everything I have done and forward was something I can be proud of.. standing up for myself was but one little piece of a bigger picture.  I had to remember this is a new beginning ..

Now here it is July 2014 and my life is starting over in a new place with new opportunities and hopefully new adventures.. I have hopefully a brighter future than I could ever hope for .. and as time passes it does get easier to put the past behind me .. However in the end I will still be proud of the things I have done including standing up for myself..

Today I am starting a new regimen of the HCG .. I got it for next to nothing compared to Murray .. When I weighed in .. I had kept 18 lbs off since the last diet so my hopes are to drop another 20 and keep them off as well...WML 500 calories here I come ..    

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is 12-12-13 and I know its been a long time since I've posted anything.. but it wont be long until maybe I will have more time..

However it has been a rough time for me and time for blogging has not been the easiest to come by.. what with doing all that I seem like I've had to do .. and of course now the bad weather is starting to squelch everything.. it seems like its almost to cold to get too much done outside.. oh well..

anyway.. I am still focused on my weight  .. even though with all this bad weather I ended up gaining 2 lbs.. but I'm trying to focus on the fact that I'm still 18 to 20 lbs down.. from where I started.. I still intend on doing the program again.. but haven't attempted that yet.. since I have been too busy with other things..

LIKE ICE.. haha.. they say that we are going to get more Sunday .. gosh I hope not.. I'M NOT A FAN..

anyone can sign into Pinterest and look me up my nick is KYSCHATZ on there and if I've been doing anything with my free time its pinning.. takes my mind off the stress in my life..

gotta run.. take care everyone and don't give up on me or my crazy life.. WML

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well lets see where I need to start to catch everyone up..

First of all I just hope the people I love know that I couldn't do all that I need to do without knowing that I am loved.. Life isn't easy for most of us in this world but when times arise that get you get overly bombarded with trials and tribulations its good to know people are there for you..

I'm still dieting .. but still at my plateau of 20 lbs down.. It has been relatively easy to stay there however.. I don't eat much these days anyway.. money is better spent elsewhere if you know what I mean.. so I really only eat lunch these days.. Not to mention I haven't had much of an appetite too much stress and too many things to do ..

My lease runs out end of November.. and I don't want to sign another year lease again with everything so up in the air these days.. so the big move is eminent .. but so much I still have to do .. I'm going to put most of my belongings in a storage shed I guess and pretty much live out of my car for now.. My girlfriend said I could stay with her but I really can't say what my plans are just yet.. who knows.. I'm still riding the wave and just taking one day at a time..

Britnei invited me down for thanksgiving but really don't know what will be going on then.. or for that matter right now making those kind of plans are completely useless.. it is better for me just to stay put and ride the wave .. All in good time (at least I've heard people say) .. I just hope it is soon..

After all I'm sooo exhausted these days.. it is like my brain is trying to make sense of everything as it unfolds.. and it's truly exhausting to say the least.. I found a cute pic the other day that says I would be sleeping if my brain would let me and that is pretty much me every night..

Anyway don't worry about me .. I'm good and God knows I'm here so I think I have a few guardian angels watching over me .. write more later.. WML

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

I know it has been a long time since I have written anything but if you had my life.. you wouldn't write everyday either.. LOL.. Anyway.. just to inform you.. On October 1st I revisited my doc and I am 21 lbs down since my VLCD started.. and that is without me being on a strict regimen everyday.. most days I only hover around 1200 calories or less.. but some days it has been a lot less.. just comes and goes.. but I'm still maintaining my weight loss.. good for me huh...

The only thing is now I could potentially go back on the injections and I tried to get a cut rate from my doc since my money situation from the last time has significantly took a downward turn.. and she wouldn't let me get by with anything less than 300.00 WOW.. you'd think since we know each other the way we do that she would cut me a break considering she knows that I am under a lot of stress at the present time.. but no.. she won't and it is sad to say but I don't have the 300.00 dollars to spare.. I was hoping that I could just buy the medicine and since I already know the ends and outs she would let me do a second round.. but heck no.. bummer huh..

Anyway.. I will have to wait I guess til money starts falling from the sky.. LOL

So anyway.. stress for me will never cease and even though I still am basically playing a waiting game .. I have been packing up the house.. trying to downsize and get ready for the big move.. I really feel like it wont be long until I am homeless.. but all my belongings are going into a storage shed.. so they will be safe..

my lease runs out in NOV.. wow.. time is flying by and I have to make some big decisions.. as to where and what I am doing.. I'm going to try and force my hand to stay on without a solid lease .. into everything breaks.. but who knows what my landlord will do..

Anyway.. I'm still remembering to breathe.. and just take one day at a time.. I feel better though knowing that I have options.. just want things to progress a little quicker.. so that this all comes to an end.. and I can make a better informed decision on the next steps I need to take ..

I'm so exhausted with waiting, trying to maintain my sanity and trying to stay focused.. I just want everything to be okay in the end .. so I can get on with my life..

Obamacare is a joke by the way.. I'm not signing up .. I'm just going to wait it out.. like I have the money for that.. and if I did have 300 extra dollars .. everyone who reads my blog knows what I would be doing with it.. lol..

I will ultimately find a way to get back on the injections.. trust me.. after all my goal is to continue losing another 20 if I can.. so wish me luck people...

bye for now.. kim

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Okay Okay.. So I have no real excuse for not blogging .. other than I've just been extremely busy lately .. and I know it doesn't take that long to write a simple posting so that everyone can continue to keep up with my life.. but it really has been busy around here lately..


Well for one.. I'm still cleaning out things.. and now I'm on my second load of VCR tapes being thrown out, some are actually over 25 yrs old.. Whew didn't really realize I had that many!!!

Not to mention I have been busy at work .. Angie hasn't been able to work a lot lately so that means its just me there.. day in and day out.. 9 hours without any breaks in which to go grab lunch somewhere or pay a bill etc.. luckily a couple places deliver.. and most of my bills get paid online.. but gotta admit it does really bite sometime considering it would be nice if I could lock up long enough to take a real break..

and as far as my diet goes..  I'm still fluctuating between 19.5 and 20 lbs down but here lately its been more like 19 and 19.5 lbs down which is okay.. considering I actually have been too stressed lately and eating more than I really need to ..

I'm still a little dizzy every now and then but I think most of my dizziness issues have subsided.. however my stress level is huge .. however I try to stay focused on cleaning and downsizing my household items..

Basically I don't see anything changing anywhere soon but in time I think everything is going to be okay at least I pray it will be.. I just have to remind myself to breathe..

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Sunday and unfortunately its back to work tomorrow.. YUK..  anyway.. at least Angie is supposed to be back tomorrow..

I'm tired, I've been cleaning all weekend.. clearing out more stuff from closets and cabinets.. wow.. I actually threw out some of my movies.. but its about time.. cant keep them all.. and they take up so much space..

Britnei stopped in to see me last week with Lil JORDY .. that stink bug is absolutely perfect.. she is sooo adorable and really a good 2 yr she loves her NANA..

Anyway I'm still at 19.5 or 20 lbs down.. only reached 21 lbs down once..  but I know it will come .. after all I still intend on doing the injections again..

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Okay well today is Tuesday and back to work for me..  :(.. YUK..   Anyway.. lets just say it was a very productive weekend.. drove around and goofed off a bit with a friend on SAT.. and Labor day .. I finally got some loose strings taken care along with a few answers I had been looking for .. and it feels like at least a little weight is off my shoulders at least for now..  needless to say  I actually feel better now.. a little less stress is a good thing right?.. but only time will tell how things are going to play out for me..

I feel like I need to move on from Murray.. but still have to work so for now that's all I'm going to concentrate on .. work.. and cleaning my dirty house.. (joking people my house is pretty spotless)..

I actually made it to 21 lbs down this weekend.. but I'm back up as of today to 19.5 lbs down.. still fluctuating between 20 lbs and 19.5 most days.. and even after a full day of drinking and eating.
However this weekend on Sunday morning I weighed 21 lbs down but of course that lasted a half a second.. ha ha  However I was happy that I'm slowly headed in that direction..

Gotta run.. take care.. and I'm really sorry I don't blog everyday.. but trust me there is really not enough time in the day to do everything I'm doing these days..

WML and do me a favor say a prayer for me ever so often.. I'm trying not to stress so much but its really a lot harder than anyone can fathom these days..

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Thursday and last night Angie came over to help me straighten up some paperwork .. Yippee.. we actually got everything done and it didn't take that long thankfully..

I weighed 19.0 lbs down this morning.. Bummer.. still stuck.. but I have some tentative plans on how to get unstuck... LOL - We will see if they work..

So anyway.. here I sit.. its going to be busy today.. we have several patients and I have a feeling its going to be an extremely long day..  Gabi just text'd me; I told her I'd do her laundry tonight because she has to work.. so that should keep me busy..

On another note I called Germany today.. trying to get some information on the bank account I left open 26 yrs ago.. which according to the bank officials the money should be there with interest.. but I really need help talking to them because with my broken German and their broken English.. lets just say it was a challenging phone conversation to say the least..

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Sorry had a phone call .. ha

Anyway.. its not that I'm not worried about the dizziness because I am .. but it's really not that easy.. and they will have a hard time giving me a diagnosis as well..since dizziness can be caused from many different things including the stress I have been under..

by the way.. I've heard things are moving forward .. but still don't have much info.. just got to stay strong and focused..

It looks like soon I'm going to have to make some wise decisions .. and that has not always my strongest suit.. LOL

I will try and write more later.. actually looks like I will have some paperwork to do today.. WML
Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Wednesday .. and I actually have a patient coming in today.. ha

Anyway I'm still at 19.0 lbs down today.. but bouncing back and forth to 19.5 lbs down.. did see my elusive 20 lb down over the weekend.. but that's okay.. I know I've been eating over my 1000 calories here lately..

My dizziness is still there however I did get me some Meclizine yesterday so maybe it will help.. who knows right?  anyway.. I did have some wild true whirling vertigo this morning as soon as I got to work.. but was gone within a min or two.. we will see what happens..

My hot flashes have been horrid so maybe it is hormonal.. or maybe its diet related.. or too much zero calorie sugars.. or maybe I have a brain tumor.. (I shouldn't joke, cause it could be serious I know) but who knows..  definitely hard to get looked at by a real doctor these days..

and a specialist to boot.. oh..yeah I work for one.. oh yea.. let's not even go there why that isn't an option..

Friday, August 23, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well its Friday.. YIPPEE.. and I'm sooo glad another week is over.. anyway.. I'm still at 19 lbs down or 19.5 on some days.. so I guess I will take some of the blame for eating out too much here lately.. just doesn't pay to eat out since cooking at home has less calories.. and is better for you all the way around..

Anyway.. I still think I've held my own pretty good all this time.. and it does help weighing every morning.. that is for sure!!!  Another month and I plan on doing the shots again.. YIPPEE

No news as of yet.. so I'm just waiting it out.. and riding the wave.. (which is my new motto) because RIDING THE WAVE is kind of how I feel.. I will just go with whatever happens and when the wave breaks apart.. I will be swallowed up just hope I come out intact, surf board and all.. Ha Ha

Anyway.. hang ten everyone.. I will yak at you later.. WML

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well lets see if I can catch you up.. since I'm lame and haven't blogged in about a week..

My dizziness is still hanging around.. and you have to realize since I've been in nursing for many years I have my own opinions of what could be causing my dizziness.. all of which are not definitive.. and definitely not conclusive since I shouldn't be trying to diagnose myself.. HA

Not that I can ask any of the doctors around here.. however Pat did weigh in on the subject and thought that I have been going without sugar for too long.. so she decided I should eat something sugary every day.. well trust me that didn't and won't work.. considering my calorie intake is around 1000 and I do get some sugar .. its not like I stopped all sugar content since I went up in calories.. I just have to limit my caloric consumption .. so .. anyway.. then she suggested it was because of dehydration.. which was one of my theories.. but .. since it comes and goes.. I don't know so much about that..

I came up with a side effect of too much "sucralose" which is the no calorie substitute that is in the drink mixes that I've been using for several months.. according to research data .. too much can make you dizzy.. along with other issues like bloating..which I've had problems with as well..

anyway.. going to have to rethink the amount that I'm drinking and try to go back to just unsweetened tea..

Oh well.. to catch you up on my diet figures.. I'm at 19.5 lbs down most days now including today.. and even some days I only can reach 19.0 lbs down.. which bites.. but my calories are ranging from 1200 to 1000 a day.. and I have been eating a little too late at night which I am going to have to stop..

Mind you my stress level is still up.. and no news is good news right.. LOL.. WML

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Yes Yes .. I know I haven't been writing but if you were me and so far off your game with this Vertigo ie. Dizziness thing.. you wouldn't have been doing too much writing either..

I'm still bouncing back in forth between 19.5 lbs and 20 lbs down.. so I'm presently at a stand still or plateau.. but that's okay..

Furthermore I've been going home and working on getting some of my things in order.. which I must say at least I'm putting some effort into getting my life back .. RIGHT?  Anyone that knows how I am, knows that I'm definitely a multi-tasker.. not to mention DRIVEN beyond belief at times..

Anyway nothing more really to comment about .. So for now I'm just trying to get as much rest as possible .. and yet keep my mind busy at the same time.. the less stress the better ..

I've been watching a lot of dramas lately.. and I realized while watching this one movie that no matter how frightened you are .. once the cards have been dealt and the stakes are at an all time high .. a person will most likely make the decision to do the right thing.. "and I won't use the words they used" but basically you your past of the point of weighing your options and you just look up and realize to go all in.. after all WT* ..

I will try and write more later.. WML  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Sunday .. and I will attempt to catch everyone up on what has happened over the past few days.. Friday of course always seems to be busy for me at work and almost as soon as I left this past Friday I started having some true whirling vertigo.  It started almost immediately after leaving work and only got worse after taking Pepper out for a walk.. the humidity was horrible and I was sweating a lot but then again I've also been having a hard time with allergy symptoms and eustachian tube problems.  So as to what truly is going on with me.. I would hasten to say..and I'm sure not going to say anything to you know who .. but I'm thinking its benign paroxysmal positional vertigo..

To make a long story short.. pretty much most of Friday night was spent relaxing at home.. Especially since the room seemed to enjoy spinning every time I moved.. Ha Ha

Saturday however I started feeling better with only a few brief episodes of vertigo to contend with..

Today I actually got to be around people.. (wow) .. basically all day has been great and I've only had one small episode of unsteadiness ..  However I've spent the past several hours updating web postings etc.. and I think I'm about done and ready to settle into watching some television before bed..

I'm 19.5 down as of this morning which considering I haven't felt that great is fine.. write more later.. WML

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Okay so I'm back to be bloated.. but I know it was me eating too late last night.. oh well.. 19.5 lbs down again.. this weekend my goal is to make it to 21 lbs down.. and I know I can do it.. I have plans for the weekend so my VLCD should be fine.. Thank goodness they are taking my trash today.. I filled it up again last weekend.. and have plans with cleaning some more this weekend.. YIPPEE .. an empty trashcan (pathetic aren't I, ha ha)  Anyway.. I'm at work and today should be a normal Thursday.. whoa is me!

How is everyone?  I hope to play some cards again this weekend.. I gotta run to the store as well and get a few groceries.. I don't have the money to go see Jordy which makes me sad.. but I need to hold on to what I can considering the circumstances I'm dealing with .. I hate the stress but should hear something soon.. I know there is another meeting in the works.. so I'm kind of looking forward to that might give me more insight on how things are going..

I woke up this morning with a headache.. which was around 4 am.. and I stayed up and took some medicine.. but actually I didn't get much relief.. and now I'm a little tired.. bummer huh!

It will be good to get this day over with because I plan on going home and to bed early tonight..

write more later.. WML

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well here it is another Wednesday.. and I'm 20 lbs down today again.. YIPPEE.. I've been sitting here all day at work .. doing paperwork.. etc.. but pretty much its been boring as usual.. So many things are constantly going through my head.. I have to say at least I'm good at multi-tasking.. because if I wasn't I think it would be a little overwhelming at times.. so YIPPEE for me I guess...

Anyway.. its been rainy today.. yuk.. Pepper didn't really want to go outside this morning but I made him .. However I'm hoping he was okay being locked up all day in the house.... Anyway.. only 700 calories today so far and I'm sticking to around 1000 per day.. which is good ..

Write more later.. WML

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I'm bloated today.. so I was only 19 lbs down this morning .. but I ate late also last night.. so that contributed to it as well I'm sure..

So how is everyone.. ?  Ha  Well I am existing.. things are still up in the air .. but I'm am learning how to juggle the balls .. just don't want to drop any of them.. if you get my drift..

I sit and talk with my two girlfriends and we are all in agreement .. our lives are always a challenge.. what with ex's, work drama, children of all ages, divorces, past and present relationship challenges and of course health issues.. as well as my weight issues.. at times it seems overwhelming but we are all three managing to put things into perspective.. and unfortunately going POSTAL doesn't seem to be an option for any of us.. Ha Ha.  Just joking people..

However we all do think about moving and getting away from here so as to start over with some whole new scenery.. anyway write more later.. WML

Monday, August 5, 2013

Another weekend come and gone

Taking One Day At A Time

Sorry I've not been blogging lately .. its been a really long weekend..However I got a lot accomplished .. For one I cleaned out some of the garage.. but have lots more to do.. I went through some of the clothes ..and now just got to take them to Angels Attic.. I would say I'm doing great at staying busy and my mind off things  .. Had a good night Saturday playing cards with my friends .. Heard a little bit of good news..and it made me feel better about a lot of things.. especially with the latest drama unfolding.. and I don't mean with my home life.. Ha Ha

I'm still bouncing back and forth between 19.5 lbs down and 20 lbs down.. which is fine..

However it seems things are looking up for the Georgia crew.. come to find out they have moved in on someone else.. Now you would think I'm a tad bitter about that .. but you would be WRONG.. Actually when I found out the latest news.. I'd have to say my feelings were that there is always another sucker to be played just as I was.. However in this case it is truly sad.. since she is in a wheelchair and disabled.. but I guess some people are just so cold that they will use anyone (even a disabled woman) especially when they need a home in which to live or a vehicle in which to drive..  .really sad.. but good luck with that ..

I'm good however.. and I'm not looking for someone in which to use .. I don't need anyone to let me move in with them or help me with a vehicle.. or sad to say help me get back on my feet.. so to the GA crew .. I can only say I feel sorry for them ..  I will write more later.. WML

Friday, August 2, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Doing fine today.. I was back at 19.5 lbs down today .. so its fluctuating again between 20 lbs and 19.5 lbs but I'm fine with that.. YIPPEE the weekend is finally here.. so I can't wait to get off..
I might go to Britnei's next weekend for at least one day to see Jordy (her 2nd B-day party)..

I don't really know yet.. a lot depends on how things go with my existing torment  .. but I feel like it will play out okay in the end and I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe.. whatever happens I will try and be ready for

Dr. came in early to give me instructions on scheduling patients.. guess he feels that after 8 years of doing it .. I just am clueless on how to schedule our patients.. Oh well.. I'm taking each day and each obstacle as it comes.. and I try to remember he is the boss.. just do what he says and keep my head up in case he throws something.. ha ha..

Anyway I'm sitting here getting ready for patients.. so I'm going to get off for now will write more later.. I intend on continuing to downsize all weekend..  so I'm looking forward to getting rid of more clutter.. the fewer things I have left the better.. RIGHT?  write more later WML