Sunday, May 5, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well it is almost 4 pm and I have been doing so so on my drinking thing.. unsweetened tea is okay especially with lemon in it.. I have been drinking and have done better than yesterday..

I ate tomatoes earlier and then had some cooked beef.. and celery.. then a little few pieces of turkey that is it.. according to my calculations adjusting for portions I feel as though I am about 460 for the day and other than drinking that is it for the day since the only thing left would be strawberries for a later snack.. or chopped apple

I also calculated it with my doctor's calorie counter and it came out as approximately 450 so right at the same with my calorie estimate..

anyway I am going to finish this tea and go fix me another one.. WML.. I'm doing okay and tomorrow is work day .. Yippee.. NOT.. I have a feeling it may be harder on me I will have to take my celery and tomatoes with me along with strawberries..and Stevia.. but I think I can do it.. just stay busy is the key I think!

I think I would do better if I could find the right drink combination.. still working on that.. LOL

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