Saturday, May 4, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

1st day my estimate was 420 calories by approximately 5 pm and I didn't even feel like I wanted to eat the 2nd steak so I was thinking about leaving it off but I decided to eat a late dinner after 7 due to I started to get a bad headache my total estimate ended up being 650 on the first day however I was over adjusting due to my portions were a little larger than a cup etc..

When my bad headache came on in the late evening I finally admitted I probably needed to eat the 2nd steak .. I am thinking however the headache issue was due to sugar withdrawal.. not to mention possible dehydration .. I have struggled drinking enough today .. I have weighed twice today and havent gained even an ounce since this morning which I think is good.. but of course I haven't taken in hardly anything either.. went from 420 to 650 adding a smaller portion of steak and just a few strawberries.. I counted the calories up online using Calorieking..  

I recounted the calories using my doctor's calorie sheet and the total of calories only totaled approximately 550 but I will stick to my estimation since I think I went over more than just 50 calories..

2nd day I am going to work on drinking ..


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