Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Okay well today is Tuesday and back to work for me..  :(.. YUK..   Anyway.. lets just say it was a very productive weekend.. drove around and goofed off a bit with a friend on SAT.. and Labor day .. I finally got some loose strings taken care along with a few answers I had been looking for .. and it feels like at least a little weight is off my shoulders at least for now..  needless to say  I actually feel better now.. a little less stress is a good thing right?.. but only time will tell how things are going to play out for me..

I feel like I need to move on from Murray.. but still have to work so for now that's all I'm going to concentrate on .. work.. and cleaning my dirty house.. (joking people my house is pretty spotless)..

I actually made it to 21 lbs down this weekend.. but I'm back up as of today to 19.5 lbs down.. still fluctuating between 20 lbs and 19.5 most days.. and even after a full day of drinking and eating.
However this weekend on Sunday morning I weighed 21 lbs down but of course that lasted a half a second.. ha ha  However I was happy that I'm slowly headed in that direction..

Gotta run.. take care.. and I'm really sorry I don't blog everyday.. but trust me there is really not enough time in the day to do everything I'm doing these days..

WML and do me a favor say a prayer for me ever so often.. I'm trying not to stress so much but its really a lot harder than anyone can fathom these days..

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