Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Wednesday .. and I actually have a patient coming in today.. ha

Anyway I'm still at 19.0 lbs down today.. but bouncing back and forth to 19.5 lbs down.. did see my elusive 20 lb down over the weekend.. but that's okay.. I know I've been eating over my 1000 calories here lately..

My dizziness is still there however I did get me some Meclizine yesterday so maybe it will help.. who knows right?  anyway.. I did have some wild true whirling vertigo this morning as soon as I got to work.. but was gone within a min or two.. we will see what happens..

My hot flashes have been horrid so maybe it is hormonal.. or maybe its diet related.. or too much zero calorie sugars.. or maybe I have a brain tumor.. (I shouldn't joke, cause it could be serious I know) but who knows..  definitely hard to get looked at by a real doctor these days..

and a specialist to boot.. oh..yeah I work for one.. oh yea.. let's not even go there why that isn't an option..

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