Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well lets see if I can catch you up.. since I'm lame and haven't blogged in about a week..

My dizziness is still hanging around.. and you have to realize since I've been in nursing for many years I have my own opinions of what could be causing my dizziness.. all of which are not definitive.. and definitely not conclusive since I shouldn't be trying to diagnose myself.. HA

Not that I can ask any of the doctors around here.. however Pat did weigh in on the subject and thought that I have been going without sugar for too long.. so she decided I should eat something sugary every day.. well trust me that didn't and won't work.. considering my calorie intake is around 1000 and I do get some sugar .. its not like I stopped all sugar content since I went up in calories.. I just have to limit my caloric consumption .. so .. anyway.. then she suggested it was because of dehydration.. which was one of my theories.. but .. since it comes and goes.. I don't know so much about that..

I came up with a side effect of too much "sucralose" which is the no calorie substitute that is in the drink mixes that I've been using for several months.. according to research data .. too much can make you dizzy.. along with other issues like bloating..which I've had problems with as well..

anyway.. going to have to rethink the amount that I'm drinking and try to go back to just unsweetened tea..

Oh well.. to catch you up on my diet figures.. I'm at 19.5 lbs down most days now including today.. and even some days I only can reach 19.0 lbs down.. which bites.. but my calories are ranging from 1200 to 1000 a day.. and I have been eating a little too late at night which I am going to have to stop..

Mind you my stress level is still up.. and no news is good news right.. LOL.. WML

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