Friday, August 23, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well its Friday.. YIPPEE.. and I'm sooo glad another week is over.. anyway.. I'm still at 19 lbs down or 19.5 on some days.. so I guess I will take some of the blame for eating out too much here lately.. just doesn't pay to eat out since cooking at home has less calories.. and is better for you all the way around..

Anyway.. I still think I've held my own pretty good all this time.. and it does help weighing every morning.. that is for sure!!!  Another month and I plan on doing the shots again.. YIPPEE

No news as of yet.. so I'm just waiting it out.. and riding the wave.. (which is my new motto) because RIDING THE WAVE is kind of how I feel.. I will just go with whatever happens and when the wave breaks apart.. I will be swallowed up just hope I come out intact, surf board and all.. Ha Ha

Anyway.. hang ten everyone.. I will yak at you later.. WML

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