Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I'm bloated today.. so I was only 19 lbs down this morning .. but I ate late also last night.. so that contributed to it as well I'm sure..

So how is everyone.. ?  Ha  Well I am existing.. things are still up in the air .. but I'm am learning how to juggle the balls .. just don't want to drop any of them.. if you get my drift..

I sit and talk with my two girlfriends and we are all in agreement .. our lives are always a challenge.. what with ex's, work drama, children of all ages, divorces, past and present relationship challenges and of course health issues.. as well as my weight issues.. at times it seems overwhelming but we are all three managing to put things into perspective.. and unfortunately going POSTAL doesn't seem to be an option for any of us.. Ha Ha.  Just joking people..

However we all do think about moving and getting away from here so as to start over with some whole new scenery.. anyway write more later.. WML

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