Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well here it is another Wednesday.. and I'm 20 lbs down today again.. YIPPEE.. I've been sitting here all day at work .. doing paperwork.. etc.. but pretty much its been boring as usual.. So many things are constantly going through my head.. I have to say at least I'm good at multi-tasking.. because if I wasn't I think it would be a little overwhelming at times.. so YIPPEE for me I guess...

Anyway.. its been rainy today.. yuk.. Pepper didn't really want to go outside this morning but I made him .. However I'm hoping he was okay being locked up all day in the house.... Anyway.. only 700 calories today so far and I'm sticking to around 1000 per day.. which is good ..

Write more later.. WML

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