Monday, August 5, 2013

Another weekend come and gone

Taking One Day At A Time

Sorry I've not been blogging lately .. its been a really long weekend..However I got a lot accomplished .. For one I cleaned out some of the garage.. but have lots more to do.. I went through some of the clothes ..and now just got to take them to Angels Attic.. I would say I'm doing great at staying busy and my mind off things  .. Had a good night Saturday playing cards with my friends .. Heard a little bit of good news..and it made me feel better about a lot of things.. especially with the latest drama unfolding.. and I don't mean with my home life.. Ha Ha

I'm still bouncing back and forth between 19.5 lbs down and 20 lbs down.. which is fine..

However it seems things are looking up for the Georgia crew.. come to find out they have moved in on someone else.. Now you would think I'm a tad bitter about that .. but you would be WRONG.. Actually when I found out the latest news.. I'd have to say my feelings were that there is always another sucker to be played just as I was.. However in this case it is truly sad.. since she is in a wheelchair and disabled.. but I guess some people are just so cold that they will use anyone (even a disabled woman) especially when they need a home in which to live or a vehicle in which to drive..  .really sad.. but good luck with that ..

I'm good however.. and I'm not looking for someone in which to use .. I don't need anyone to let me move in with them or help me with a vehicle.. or sad to say help me get back on my feet.. so to the GA crew .. I can only say I feel sorry for them ..  I will write more later.. WML

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