Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Okay so I'm back to be bloated.. but I know it was me eating too late last night.. oh well.. 19.5 lbs down again.. this weekend my goal is to make it to 21 lbs down.. and I know I can do it.. I have plans for the weekend so my VLCD should be fine.. Thank goodness they are taking my trash today.. I filled it up again last weekend.. and have plans with cleaning some more this weekend.. YIPPEE .. an empty trashcan (pathetic aren't I, ha ha)  Anyway.. I'm at work and today should be a normal Thursday.. whoa is me!

How is everyone?  I hope to play some cards again this weekend.. I gotta run to the store as well and get a few groceries.. I don't have the money to go see Jordy which makes me sad.. but I need to hold on to what I can considering the circumstances I'm dealing with .. I hate the stress but should hear something soon.. I know there is another meeting in the works.. so I'm kind of looking forward to that might give me more insight on how things are going..

I woke up this morning with a headache.. which was around 4 am.. and I stayed up and took some medicine.. but actually I didn't get much relief.. and now I'm a little tired.. bummer huh!

It will be good to get this day over with because I plan on going home and to bed early tonight..

write more later.. WML

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