Friday, August 2, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Doing fine today.. I was back at 19.5 lbs down today .. so its fluctuating again between 20 lbs and 19.5 lbs but I'm fine with that.. YIPPEE the weekend is finally here.. so I can't wait to get off..
I might go to Britnei's next weekend for at least one day to see Jordy (her 2nd B-day party)..

I don't really know yet.. a lot depends on how things go with my existing torment  .. but I feel like it will play out okay in the end and I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe.. whatever happens I will try and be ready for

Dr. came in early to give me instructions on scheduling patients.. guess he feels that after 8 years of doing it .. I just am clueless on how to schedule our patients.. Oh well.. I'm taking each day and each obstacle as it comes.. and I try to remember he is the boss.. just do what he says and keep my head up in case he throws something.. ha ha..

Anyway I'm sitting here getting ready for patients.. so I'm going to get off for now will write more later.. I intend on continuing to downsize all weekend..  so I'm looking forward to getting rid of more clutter.. the fewer things I have left the better.. RIGHT?  write more later WML

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