Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well tomorrow should be interesting in more than one way.  Subpoena came today for me to attend court with Angie and I have to say I wasn't surprised but Doc was extremely upset with Angie actually he was completely losing it I could tell and I was just glad it wasn't necessarily at me.  However I know him well and I'm sure he figures some of it probably falls on me since we are friends.. To make a long story short I don't think its going to be good for me in the weeks to come at the office.. Angie knows what she is in for and I am sure she may come out okay in the end but as for me it is going to be rough.  I've been through so much in the last few weeks this is not what I needed for sure.  Doc said in a gruff manner that change was going to be coming in the office I should understand that and he was absolute crazed at me having to take off for a few hours and said that his office would not be closed so I assume Pat will be coming into the office to answer phones.. which is going to be horrible for her since nobody ever calls .. For example I sat there all day today and only had one phone call.  Not that things don't ever happen but lets just say not much happens..  oh well I'm just stressing over it I guess...

and I'm upset that Angie is possibly going to be fired.. over this incident.  This is a bad omen I am sure of what is to come for the office..I guess it was going to happen someday might as well be now..I just have to try and live through it .. taking day by day.. is all I can do and letting the chips fall where they do so to speak..

My blood pressure is probably through the roof.. I am freaking out over this you just have no idea .. I already have enough stress and having this go on is like the icing on the cake for me..

On the good side I just weighed and after drinking all day I am 18.5 lbs down Yippee.. so maybe I will still be 19 lbs down tomorrow .. WML

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