Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Tuesday.. and we do have patients today .. so I guess I actually have to do some work today.. ha ha..  Today I went back to 19.5 lbs down.. not what I was expecting but at least I'm feeling better most of my coughing has subsided thankfully.  Don't know what each day is going to bring but I'm just remembering to breathe and take it as it comes..

My house by the way actually looks fantastic.. at least it is getting there.. I can't wait til my trash can is empty again.. I have a little more in the house to go through but soon I want to tackle the garage and start cleaning it up .. gotta be careful though I think I have a snake out there lurking about.. Snake wrangling anyone.. ha ha

Anyway.. gotta start my workday.. WML

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