Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Wed. the 31st.. and I am back at 20 lbs. down this morning..YIPPEE.. I'm very proud of myself actually for sticking to this and I don't know if really anything has been that difficult to let go of.. the sugar was probably a little hard to free myself from but the white bread which I thought was going to kill me has actually been the easiest to let go of and now I eat rye bread with most everything or just don't eat bread at all.. I have revised recipes and let go of so many things I use to love to eat simply because I knew it was bad for my calorie intake.. I can still have a bite or two of things like a potato chip here etc.. but I don't crave them and actually have people eating around me all the time and now it doesn't bother me like it once did..

I think the main reason things are so much easier for me is that I have seen the results.. and 20 lbs down is nothing to laugh at.. but I hope to continue and over time reach 40 lbs down all on my own.. However I am still considering restarting the shots for just one more cycle.. we will see how that goes.. I will need to convince my doc to let me order the meds without charging me the full price.. Ha Ha .. I think she might considering my circumstances.. I will just keep my fingers crossed on that one..

Anyway.. today is an easy day at work.. and I guess the hardest thing now that Angie isn't here is that I can't slip away and let poor Lil PEPPER out.. he doesn't deserve to be locked up all day without a chance to be taken outside to use the bathroom..  :(

So that is all I really wanna say at the moment.. write more later.. WML

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