Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well it is Tuesday and things are beginning to look better for me as the days tick by.  At least I am feeling better.  My voice is better than it was and I feel more relaxed these days, at least it is getting easier to breathe.  I saw an old friend yesterday who said that I was better than the type of person that hurt me and I should be happy I wasn't wasting any more of my life with anyone so beneath me.  I cried a little I have to admit .. not because of my loss like I had been crying about but because I still feel stupid that I ever did care in the first place.  Anyway my friend ended up making me feel better in the long run because I do have a lot to give the right person and having a big heart isn't really a bad thing it is just how I am.  I'm a good person and bad things happen to good people.

So anyway I am 18.5 lbs down today of course just shy of my 19 and I still have a goal of 20 lbs down by Saturday.. we will have to see how that goes.. but I know just maintaining is a good thing right.

Staying away from sugar and carbs is the key I guess and watching what you eat as well as a VLCD.  write more later WML

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