Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I am back to 18.5 lbs. down this morning and doing okay.  I think I chugged a whole pot of coffee last night but I think my coughing and breathing is finally starting to get better.  Although when I first wake up you wouldn't be able to notice since I sound like I'm coughing up a lung.. Ha Ha. Anyway today is going to be a horrible day at the office I can just feel it.. Not only do I have patients and the doc will be here but the worst thing is my coworker is probably going to be on edge today and with good cause she just found out for sure that the kids are going to be with her ex now.. I feel so sorry for her, I know the heartache and pain she is feeling is beyond words.  

I hope and pray that the doc and her don't have words and that everything goes pretty quietly in the office this morning at least until the doc leaves.. but I am worried about what may happen if they do have a confrontation.. The stress here is bad enough and I know that she has to be under a huge amount now since learning of the fate of her kids..

Amazing when the judicial system doesn't take in consideration the bond between children (especially girls) and their mothers.. I know in this case it was strictly a political move on the judges part to rip the kids from her and give them to the dad considering his and his new wife's money and status was thrown up so many times in court..

Whatever happened to it's not what you can give the kids in material things but quality that matters.. and the court should have asked the kids what they wanted to do.. the only positive thing I could say to her yesterday was that in a few years the kids and him will get into it and more than likely the kids will insist on coming back to her instead of living with their father and stepmother..

I know to her right now that seems like an eternity but it will happen quicker than she thinks.. Another aspect of this whole miscarriage of justice was money and power.. Now he won't have to pay child support and pretty much ever since they were divorced he had been consistently looking for an avenue in which to assert his power to take the kids away and he finally got his wish.. which was not in the kids best interest but sadly just a case of him flexing his power over being able to rip them from her.. Sad outcome for a really great coworker and friend..

I will write more later WML

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