Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well here it is 10 am and so far so good the doc was upset that Angie wasn't here this morning and I know him so I get it.. Pat said he was extremely upset over the whole incident with her.  I'm just glad so far so good for me.. I'm stressed out enough..  My stomach is in knots and my headache just won't ease up.  Oh well.. Pat said they "They" will be back at 12:30pm to take over for me.. I told her okay but I still thought it was easier to turn over the phones.. since we don't get many calls... but I also said I know him and I guess he thinks he might miss the UPS guy .. the funny thing is if we get anything today it will be a package for me.. since that is the only thing I'm expecting.. oh well.. again.. I'm just stressing over nothing..

She was asking about Angie and how she is confused at how she got herself in this mess.. Why she ended up divorcing, etc etc.. I told her same thing as my first divorce .. a person when they are young always thinks there must be something better out there for you .. more life you are missing out on.. and I think just as myself.. that is what Angie originally thought.. but after you see what is on the other side of the fence you know you made a mistake.. but for most people its not so easy to go back and change it .. especially hard to admit to your ex and others that you were clueless and wrong..

Unfortunately as it was for me.. Angie never had that option.. Hell her ex husband got remarried almost immediately after he received the divorce papers, which I could tell upset her greatly..

I have to say I felt sorry for her then and still do that things are so crazy in her life..

I have to remind her as well as myself almost everyday that life is what it is.. and bad things happen to good people.. along with the choices you make in life unfortunately most of the time come back to haunt you ..
I know my choices in life have and will continue to haunt me..

but on the other hand taking it day by day is all anyone can do and you just have to keep pushing on in life..
I will let you know how the second part of my day goes..


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