Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well here it is Mid week and I am feeling better this morning 19 lbs down.. Not that I hope to stay there but I can hope can't I .. HAHA

Anyway here I sit at work .. Doc wouldn't let me go tomorrow to help Angie with her legal issue and I have to say I was a little surprised, even though I know him and kinda expected some flack I was shocked that he wouldn't allow me off at least a few hours in the afternoon considering I never take off .. and haven't for approximately 8 years now.  WOW.. is that how long I've actually worked here.. Amazing I have to say..

I love my job and the money I make..  but the stress is high and unfortunately for me sometimes too high.. If the doc only knew how much I actually have his back here everyday.. and I never leave, Angie leaves everyday early and I haven't left early in forever .. He did let me off early the day before the 4th of July because I could hardly speak .. I had lost my voice from I guess all the drainage I was having at that time.. but I didn't ask to leave he told me to leave and rest my voice.. I guess he didn't like how I sounded on the phone..

Needless to say here I am today .. and Wednesday is always my regroup day.. time to take it easy and try to put everything into perspective day.. not to mention I usually get a lot of paperwork done this day..

Talked yesterday to him and why I have no idea it only makes things harder on me.. but he called to tell me that he was putting what he took from me in the mail and that he would send me the tracking for the shipment as soon as he had it.. I know just about everything now and although it is hard for me .. I know I was just a patsy .. only wish I could warn others.. but I'm okay .. I'm kind of tough skinned after all I've been through this before and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger..

Sometimes I don't feel that strong... but I'm still remembering to breathe.. WML  

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