Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cant hardly think anymore

Taking One Day At A Time

Unfortunately I've officially started coming to grips with things.. and acknowledging that there is always going to be people out there to take advantage of you; especially if you let them..

I wish I could go back and retract so much of what I've done in the past .. not only just these past couple of years but a whole lifetime of mistakes I've made.. however life doesn't work like that..unfortunately you can't take anything back .. basically whats done is done.. and you have to continually pick yourself up and move forward..

I feel so bad right now.. my body aches.. I can't talk and I almost can't think.. but here I sit as usual still at work and all by myself.. but the worst for me will come after I get off today and go home .. I look at lil Pepper and try to get him to talk to me every evening.. just a word or two would be sufficient but he just can't grasp it.. lol..

Anyway I'm  still 18.5 down this morning but I guess I'm just stuck again..

write more later.. WML

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