Friday, June 7, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well.. Yippee it is Friday.. thank goodness.. I feel pretty good this morning ..another of which to be thankful for is.. NO headache.. I have no patients today.. hardly anything to do.. and have decided to wear actual jeans to work.. I haven't worn actual jeans in years.. The pants are 1x but they are loose on me enough that I don't look poured in them.. LOL..  Anyway.. I weighed.. and I guess I am stuck for now between 14.8 and 15 lbs.. just kinda is luck of draw as to what the scale reads.. I really don't think I am gaining anything just bobbing day by day around 15lbs.. sure wish it would read 16 lbs again..and stay there!!!..

Anyway I gotta finish getting ready.. got to work today ... and I think we are supposed to have storms YUK.. Tomorrow Hollynne is coming and James has to work.. so I don't think I will be doing much but at least it will be the weekend..

Sunday I think it is supposed to storm and then the weekend will be gone.. so I have to make the best of these few days..  I told Mary I would come by this weekend to see her .. I know she really has nobody and I feel badly for her.. Janice has a date I think on Saturday night.. other than that.. I am cleaning house and walking walking walking..

write more later.. WML

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