Friday, June 28, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Friday .. YIPPEE.. and I am believe it or not.. 19 lbs down.. woot woot.. as one of my kid's said..

The past two days have been rough on me.. what with what happened on Wednesday for the second time in my life.. and then yesterday with having to come to grips with reality.. not to mention almost chopping off my finger at work..

What is next for me is what I keep asking myself.. not to mention I have to keep reminding myself to breathe.. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger Right??  Well if that is the case I should be the strongest person in the world by now..

Life is so hard.. wouldn't it be easier to quit it and get off the rollercoaster .. after all Ive known a few people that did..  I remember thinking so many times how if God would just let me go.. so my misery would stop.. I always had such big dreams for myself.. and none of my dreams have ever come true..

Looking back.. I always thought I'd someday have peace at least.. but now I realize I may never be truly happy.. I wish only the best for my kids and I hope that all their dreams come true.. truly I do.. I'm so proud of them .. all of them.. for what and who they are.. At least if nothing else they are the only good that has ever come out of me..

I hope and pray that the carney running this rollercoaster stops it soon and lets me off.. I don't like how fast it is going and I'm tired.. sooo sooo tired..

write more later I gotta get ready for work.. WML

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