Sunday, June 16, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Sunday .. and yes I know I missed writing yesterday.. Yippee!!! 16 lbs down this morning.. but trust me I don't think it will stay.. I was 15lbs yesterday and truth be known there wasn't much to write about yesterday we just laid around and I didn't eat hardly anything..

Hollynne came this weekend .. so it has been a little trying to say the least.. She is just plain weird.. and I'm afraid to say anything to her.. because she takes everything wrong.. PRETEEN weirdo syndrome.. HA HA

Not to mention yesterday our air conditioner went out .. its fixed now.. but didn't get a workman out here til around 9pm.. I am just glad it wasn't too awful .. we have ceiling fans in the house and we kept it dark so it only got up to 80 in the house.. which really wasn't that hot..

Friday night .. Janice got caught "parking" with a boy.. what can you say.. although its a typical teenage thing .. it had to be embarrassing.. First of all they left for the Calloway Fair.. and then called about six minutes til her curfew to say the car broke down.. James was home luckily and I told them he would come help but where were they.. then I get this Ho Hum on the phone and they precede to tell me that they left the fair early and went to McDonald's I said "OK so your at McDonald's" and then the phone went silent .. "NOPE we are down by the railroad tracks and something about water waste treatment" .. hmm "WHAT!" ... "No don't answer that .. okay I will send her father.. " LOL.. how embarrassing.. plus the boy said he would meet him on the way cause he wouldn't find where they were parked if he didn't .. I said "Sure thing, this should be interesting.. " 

20 mins later James pulls up with Janice.. and she is crying .. I said "Well you did it now.. LOL.. What a Goob .. " James was livid and frankly speechless.. too funny... I told her back in my day .. I would have died two deaths if I had to call my parents.. LOL.. one literally by their hand and one from the embarrassment.. LOL..

I found out from James that the car just needed a jump .. it was the battery.. and there was some mention of showing Janice where the boy shoots rabbits.. LOL.. Lame excuse to say the least.. what they couldn't think of anything better.. Janice was saying it was so they could get away and talk quietly.. Okay.. Smooth move Goob.. You must think we are idiots.. Damn.. life sure comes back to haunt you.. doesn't it?..

Its really funny how all those years of growing up it would have been nice to have realized that your parents knew far to well what you were doing or not doing ..since they also were kids once.. but I don't think teens really understand that..  "God knows I didn't back when I was a teen .. but I can say with all honesty .. I get it now.. "  HA HA..

So anyway back to Janice.. Well basically the night ended with me telling her we would discuss things later since it was late and Hollynne was here.. and to go to bed..

I told James .. unfortunately we can't watch her all the time .. not to mention she thinks she is soooooo sneaky .. but she'll always mess up... because all she thinks about is this boy.. 
So basically our best option other than locking her up in a dungeon.. HA HA  "joking".. is to just slow her roll or game and somehow try to minimize the grief she is giving us.. After all she is going to be 17 and she thinks she knows everything.. just like we did at that age..
We've been through so much recently with her that nothing she does really surprises me..  and I'm sure she will mess up again..because she just isn't learning anything.. and she's damned and determined to try and show us that she is going to do what she wants whether we like it or not.. Ha Ha.. the only thing she is showing me is that she is an IDIOT.. and destined for a big wake up call someday ..

Anyway... I hope that explains why I didn't write yesterday..  Oh yes.. Happy Father's Day!
.. and bless poor James's heart ..Gotta say what a great bang up father's day weekend he is having.. LOL.. joking

write more later WML

After all I've learned a lot over the years and Karma is a butt kicker to put it nicely.. lol        

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