Friday, June 14, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is another day.. I am still 15lbs down.. which seems to the norm and is consistently dragging on forever by the way..  My goal monday is to be down again to 16lbs.. however we will see..

Just a comment here.. but why is fishing so important to some MEN.. its a sport that in my opinion if your not going to catch fish in which to eat.. WHAT IS THE POINT?  LOL

Anyway.. back to me.. I feel like today will be a bad day for me.. so I'm trying to best prepare myself for that.. James is going to pickup Hollynne today.. and his intent is fishing til around 7PM.. I have patients today.. and who knows what kind of mood the doc is going to be in.. YIPPEE..

Janice has a date tonight.. and at the present time that is all I know other than I just have this prevailing dark cloud beginning to form..  Write more later.. WML

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