Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today has been another laid back day at work.. and now I'm finally relaxing at home.. I went to the grocery and picked up more ingredients for a few low carb / sugar free recipes I have been meaning to try from Pinterest..

At work today I had peanut butter and rye as well as one low carb protein snack bar and dinner tonight consisted of a small piece of sugar free chocolate applesauce cake and tuna salad on rye totaling 800 calories for the day..

More calories than I've had in a long long time but I still feel good about it.. Low in sugar and virtually no carbs.. Janice and James were both happy.. they also enjoyed the dessert even if it was sugar free and low carb .. LOL they just ate more than I did.. Too Funny!!

Will write more tomorrow.. WML..

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