Sunday, June 2, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I'm awake.. and today I'm driving to Nashville to pick up Janice.. long boring drive .. but oh well..

Today is Day 30 .. I think! ..and I feel fine.. just weighed.. still holding steady.. 15lbs.. at times it will read a little more like 15.4 or 15.2 but that goes away fast after I'm up for a bit.. then gradually through the day it will fluctuate between 14 to 15lbs.. but that is okay .. I really got to stop weighing constantly it's driving me insane..

I cooked last night but really didn't like it.. so I didn't eat but a couple of bites ..
I fixed Italian seasoned chicken with sage and other spices along with some steamed carrots.. .. Not really my thing it was a little strong, probably too much sage.. Needless to say the meal wasn't that great.. but bless James's heart he ate it.. LOL..

I will write more later.. gotta go get ready.. WML..

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