Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I am 18 lbs down today... WOW.. wasn't expecting that definitely.. but yesterday was a horrible day for me.. it started about 1pm and didn't end til way up into the night.. but I am okay now .. I'm me and I am a survivor.. and definitely refuse to be labeled a victim .. after all I did all I could and gave a certain someone a decent life.. actually two certain people ..  some people would call it Karma I guess.. or P*** P*** luck.. haha

Sometimes however you just have to learn lessons the hard way and trusting people has never been my anyone that knows me can attest..  LOL

Ah well to make a long story short .. its time for me to just be concerned with me for a change.. and of course lil PEPPER .. no more drama.. and I'm done.. truly done!!!.. I can't do this kind of stuff anymore.. being the nice guy or gal should I say never gets a person anywhere in life.. NO cookies, no brownie points.. nothing.. You just get dumped on in the end, and you look back and wish you hadn't been a easy mark and trusted people ..

Well time to take back my life as I have always done.. pick ur self up and start all over again.. haha..

No seriously though.. I am certain it will be worse on the other person in the end.. However for people that just want to live off the system and live out of a laundry basket  .. I guess that is all they will ever aspire to..

I am going to do articles on those that use the system .. those that don't aspire to give anything to their children but to keep them right where they are in life.. and those that feel it is easier to walk away from their troubles rather than work on their problems.. only later to claim they somehow cared..

I guess those concerned probably feel like I got what is coming to me.. and if I did  it is a better place than spending any more time wasted on those that don't appreciate it..

Gotta go to work which is more than I can say for some.. WML write more later.. and don't worry I'm a fighter I can come back from anything ..especially THIS..after all this isn't new to me  

OH yeah one more thing.. I remember a young man saying to me once upon a time.. they never lose.. well I guess now after all this that young man is wrong..

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