Thursday, June 13, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well here today, gone tomorrow.. 15 lbs and holding steady.. I ate yesterday.. and BUMMER.. LOL
I also walked around the fair with James and Janice last night.. Only had one lemonade while I was there .. really nobody ate.. You'd have to be rich to eat there.. and stupid by the way with the prices.. We spent 30 to get in the fair and then I played a couple of little games while they were riding the rides.. I didn't want to it was too hot and too miserable with the crowd.. but I did shoot the air rifles.. and cleaned out two targets.. but according to the carney.. I have to make certain there isn't any trace of red on the targets.. and both papers had a ting of red on pieces of paper still hanging .. really good shot.. but NO CIGAR.. what a racket.. then I did the darts and I always win at that.. I won two stuffed animals one for Janice and the other one for PEPPER.. HAHA

The food smelled great.. but definitely Fattening with a capital F .. or a capital F for Flubber ?  which is what we would have had hanging off of us.. if we'd eaten any of it..especially ME..

Anyway.. later after we left the fair .. we stopped and got burgers and I had a cheeseburger with onions on rye.. and didn't even finish it.. but I think I ate far to late in the evening which is never a good idea.. Now I'm here at work and my stomach bloating is back.. YUK

Angie has decided to take the day off.. so that leaves little ole me.. YIPPEE  NOT!  That means another day all by myself.. for nine hours..which I have to say is nothing to be all that thrilled about..

Anyway.. got up early and cooked a whole meal for James today since he has to work tonight and I won't see him.. By the way cooking spaghetti at 6 AM has to mean I have a screw loose .. On the other hand I will be having egg salad on rye when I go home.. NO spaghetti for me.. but between James and Janice it will go pretty quick..

Gotta run.. got things to do this morning like get ready for patients.. write more later.. WML

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