Monday, June 10, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well busy day yesterday .. NOT !.. All the three of us did was lay around and watch movies.. I didn't have to cook.. cause we ate leftovers (cereal, tuna and peanut butter for me).. also played games on our respective game systems.. which means POGO for me .. LOL

Anyway.. I still weigh 15 lbs.. which I guess deserves a YIPPEE.. for that.. at least I'm still where I was.. in some ways I think I should lay off looking everyday.. but in a way I think if I didn't look at the scale I might gain and then it would be heartbreaking for me.. can't wait for my six weeks to be up..

I'm trying to save up the money because I want to do another round of HCG .. seems like I had more energy and didn't have the food cravings basically it was easier to manage the low cal diet on the HCG.. instead.. I am trying to stay around 700 calories and it is hard.. plus having a hard time with energy and my headaches have picked up in frequency.. I was starting to think the HCG had actually helped with my headaches possibly the hormonal thing..

Gotta go get ready for work.. write more later.. WML

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