Monday, June 24, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well back to work today.. YUK!.. I feel like I need a vacation.. I'm tired and my head hurts of course..

I got home yesterday from Brooklyn's and it is a horrible drive.. LONG LONG LONG.. not to mention you make a wrong turn and it makes you go completely out of the way.. At least I know my north, south, east and west.. or I feel like it would have taken me much longer to get home..

Lil miss Chandler was freakin adorable.. cute doesn't do her justice.. more like her mamma's magnetic charming.. she is going to be a real boy magnet.. Daddy will have to fend them off with his rod and reel or bow and arrows.. and then there is always the good ole Winchester.. Ha Ha..

I had a lot of fun.. but it was back to reality the minute I got home.. and Pepper was dead from the trip .. I think he was glad to get home ..cause he slept almost all the way home.. and then collapsed after he got here..

I am 16.8 today.. Yippee.. Not 17 but there is a glimmer on the horizon.. LOL

write more later.. gotta leave soon for work.. have a good day everyone.. WML

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