Monday, June 3, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Today work was very stressful .. Interesting enough.. I actually have no idea what exactly is going on at the office.. It's been totally insane.. and to put it simply if my job wasn't stressful enough both Friday and today has left me speechless..  I don't wanna say too much but trust me it isn't the patients causing my stress..

I normally just take whatever is dealt out and keep my mouth shut.. but I feel like something is brewing and it makes me nervous to say the least..

I think some people there could use going on some meds for their bipolar tendencies.. LOL..

Oh well enough said.. I have a feeling this whole week is going to be horrible.. and I it's not going to get better anytime soon..  I need a voodoo doll.. anyone know where I can get one?.. LOL

Today my calories totaled approximately 700 calories.. a few pieces of cheese / whole wheat crackers,  tuna and a little rye bread..  bread was low calorie and low carb..

I also went for a walk as soon as I got home .. so now I'm exhausted and heading to bed soon..

C Ya Tomorrow .. WML

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