Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Oh.. my goodness... I've had a headache ever since I woke up.. and it has been a horrible day just sitting at the office.. not much to do considering I had already done most everything as of yesterday.. so I pretty much just took my meds and sit here peacefully.. After the past two days it has been good to have a quiet day..

This morning I was still at 15lbs.. but I feel bloated and exhausted.. I think I need to take some vitamins more than ever now..

I haven't really eaten that much today.. just a plain burger and two pieces of cheese.. Last night I finished the night off with some tuna on low cal rye.. and yesterday I had the fajita meat again with peppers and onions..

I am staying below 1000 calories.. each day.. and I have been doing good on walking after work at least two blocks..

I'm fixing to go home .. so I will chat later.. WML

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