Monday, June 3, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Ker-Ching.. LOL.. I am down to an even 16 lbs.. as of this morning.. Yippee..

I thought I was never going to reach it .. I've been stuck at 15.4 or something for so long.. I thought I would never see it.. and this morning it was there.. 16.0 lbs.. even.. I am so happy with myself..

Let's see today is Day 32 of the total Diet and Day 30 of the VLCD phase.. and even though I am officially off the HCG .. I am still following the VLCD protocol..  Yesterday I drove to Nashville and I only had a Burger King small cheeseburger for lunch .. and then a bowl of Special K for dinner ..

The total for the day yesterday in calories was approximately 700 .. so I definitely was not expecting the drop in weight .. but  Ker-Ching.. there it was this morning..

Gotta get ready for work.. write more later.. WML 

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