Sunday, June 23, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

I'm sitting here at Brooklyn's and thinking how proud I am of her .. she is truly happy and comfortable with her wonderful little family.. Don and her are the perfect couple and parents..  makes me so jealous of how much I'm missing out in ALL my kids lives.. but I'm sure they wouldn't want me underfoot anyway.. LOL not to mention .. I missed my daughter more than I can say..

I didn't eat all much yesterday and I'm still 16 lbs down but I still have the goal of 17 lbs down by tomorrow morning..  

Janice loves Brooke and Don's horses.. and Bella is such a great dog.. really warm and loving.. Pepper has a great playmate but he is being a little stand-off-ish. real weirdo of a dog.. LOL

We have to go home today but little Chandler is such a good baby .. You think they would notice if I put her in my luggage?.. LOL... I hope (no pray) that someday I can keep her for a weekend .. like I do Jordy.. I want her to get to know her NANA more.. and maybe someday all my grand kids will be running around my house playing .. at least I can dream right?

I really hate laptops .. just wanna say.. I am always making keystroke mistakes.. must take a special touch that I don't have.. LOL

I will write more later  WML

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