Saturday, June 1, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Definitely some rough weather last night and this morning.. Pepper was going nuts.. he hates storms..

I slept in today and then woke up with a headache.. been just lying around.. now I'm cooking .. some roasted chicken.. carrots.. and green beans.. will be a nice meal for James to come home to after work.. Bless his heart he had to work today.. I felt sorry for him getting out in the storm this morning..

Tomorrow we are driving to Nashville to pick up Janice.. Back to reality.. Long drive.. but I don't mind..

Well today my weight is the same.. no difference.. I ate some oriental food last night for dinner but no rice for me.. James ate the rice..and so far today I've barely had anything a yogurt I'm waiting for dinner.. I'm still doing good but I doubt if I will get to walk today.. I will write more later.. WML

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