Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well yesterday evening.. about 7:30 pm my little dog Pepper and me got attacked by two dogs.. and it could have really turned out badly if the owner hadn't been close by and called the dogs off .. One was a pitbull mix and the other was some sort of mastiff mix breed.. I was walking along the west side of 6th St. fixing to round the corner of 6th and Elm St .. when the dogs shot from across the street out of a small gravel driveway.. the house was near the end of the west side of 6th St. before Elm St.   Anyway .. the pitbull mix charged in a fierce attack mode headed right for my little dog with the mastiff mix running behind him.  I was quick thinking and realized I couldn't protect my little dog by lifting him up off the ground .. so I cradled him under me and curled up in a ball on the sidewalk .. The dog was petrified under me as I tucked my head under and prepared for a bite.. It happened rather fast.. as the whole incident lasted probably two minutes in length.. as soon as the dogs attacked .. I head a man yell out and the pit stopped his attack just probably seconds from trying to get at my dog from underneath me.. the mastiff mix stood by my head and didn't retreat.. but didn't seem to no longer be threatening.. I heard the man yell "oh I'm very sorry.. they wouldn't have hurt you.. " " I am really really sorry .. I will put them in the house.. " apologizing over and over (not all of which I could hear) I got up and slowly picked my dog up and wrapped him in my arms.. as the mastiff just slowly retreated back to his own property.. .. I continued cautiously to walk home.. and saw James talking to this lady he had stopped to help early as we had started walking.. after telling him the story.. I told him he should walk over there and tell them to keep their dogs in the house..since I was bleeding and my pants were torn.. He went to see if he could talk to the owner.. and after finding the right home.. the pitbull mix charged him and nipped him on the knee.. ( luckily however the skin wasn't broken as James was quick thinking and lifted his knee hitting the dog in the face.. ) the owner apologized to him and told him he again was sorry for what had happened to me .. Telling James it wouldn't happen again.. A woman however from inside the house was belligerent and told James to call the cops.. she didn't care..

Anyway after thinking over the situation we both decided it wouldn't hurt to report the incident with the police.. after all what if I had been walking Jordyn or had been an elderly woman with her little dog.. what if the man hadn't been so quick .. many things could have gone horribly wrong.. and it could have been a lot worse.. So I called the Murray Kentucky police.. which came out and took my report.. saw my cuts and said .. " Well bottom line nobody got bit.. and that is good because then we would have had to call animal control and tested the dog for rabies.."  I stated again to him that I was just concerned that if the guy hadn't been there to call the dogs off they would have bitten me to try and get my little dog out from underneath me .. and what if I had been walking my grand baby.. This is my neighborhood and I felt it was necessary to make a report..  He said he would try to drive over there and tell them to keep their dogs in their house.. and left..

Basically that is all ..just felt the need to share it..

Today ..is Tues.. I've got to get ready for work.. I am still at 15 lbs.. down.. and I have to admit I'm pretty sore this morning from my little throw yourself to the ground ordeal.. not to mention .. don't know if Pepper will ever want to go for a walk again.. LOL..

I will talk more later.. gotta run.. WML and for goodness sake stay alert whenever walking.. LOL


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