Monday, May 6, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is Day 5  and its MONDAY .. However its actually Day 3 of my diet.. and I've lost again..
On Day 2, yesterday I was 1.5 pounds down and now I'm at an even 3 lbs from the day I started the diet phase.. YIPPEE.. going good

I am drinking water now.. and unsweetened tea with ease.. and I'm not hungry.. I feel fine except for occasional headache / migraine but for me that could possibly be normal..  Yesterday was Day 2 and after the first day of dieting I was shocked to weigh in at 1.5 under however yesterday I noticed my cravings were doing better and my drinking issues were starting to subside.. so last night while going to bed I was happy with myself..

and YO and behold another 1.5 pounds down this morning making it a total of 3 pounds in just two days of dieting.. Now it is my 3rd day of the diet phase and I am getting ready to head off to work.. WML .. everyone.. talk to you later..

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