Friday, May 10, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well today is the big day.. "Friday"  Day 6 of my diet phase and since I'm weighing in at my doctor's as soon as I get to work this morning,  today is actually five full days of dieting.. I already weighed this morning and according to one scale I am exactly 6.8 down from when I started .. so I didn't lose exactly a pound last night ..

anyway probably my fault cause I did end up eating dinner late .. so all in all my calories yesterday were approximately 620 for the day yesterday according to my figures..

I tried figuring it up using the doctors list and it came out a little higher for the day 700 calories total.. which was definitely bad on my part.. but in the end it will be a good thing to see what my numbers reflect today at the docs office.. at least now it will be the weekend and I will have my house to clean along with my normal weekend drama to keep me busy.. so WML..

I will definitely write an updated posting after I get done at the doctors.. YEAH.. I can't wait.. I am so proud of myself.. five days of dieting and 6.8 down.. that still is good I think.. so we will see in just a little bit..

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