Friday, May 10, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well just got back from my doctor's and they are actually having trouble coming up with my weight numbers as well .. According to one place on my chart I am down 7 lbs.. However the girl that weighed me in said it was a total of 6.2 lbs.. so here again I am going to accept the 6.2 as an actual account.. because my scales at home actually measure a 6.8 lb lost and I actually think they might be reading a little higher than the docs.. So for that reason we will stick with the 6.2 drop as the first official weigh in..

So I went over the diet pros and cons with the doc and we are both in agreement that this is great for me .. My readout on the body composition report also was down.. so I'm doing great.. My next weigh-in is next week at the same time .. Sooooo  I will write more later I promise..  WML

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