Sunday, May 5, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well its been an okay 2nd diet day for me I guess .. Stress has always been a difficult and contributing factor with me.. and today has definitely had some peaks and valley for me .. on the peak side my diet is doing fine.. I am finishing the day at 2 pounds under for the day .. but there again.. Wow.. that is impressive considering that has been steady for the entire day.  I already told my calorie intake for the day .. and I didn't really want the strawberries I talked about after all..

I have been drinking pretty good and although I should have drank more.. I'm feeling okay..

I really haven't had to bad of a problem with headaches today .. but I am still thinking I am feeling some sugar withdrawal .. 

I have had some gas pains but I think I am basically doing well.. I cant wait to finish my day at 2 lbs under and see what tomorrow brings..

I had some relationship issues today and that was a little depressing to go through.. I kept thinking gee people give it a rest  .. do you not remember I'm dieting and this isn't helping me.. you would think people should know that most people tend to eat because of stress and emotional distress.. but heh since I didn't I guess I survived this meltdown .. lol..

and trust me I felt really good that I didn't scavenge through my cabinets looking for any worthy morsel to make me feel better.. so in the end the crisis was averted and all is well at least for now.. LOL . bye be back tomorrow.. WML..

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