Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well it is Tuesday night almost the end of the 4th day .. and I started today with a 4.2 weight loss which was awesome.. Today my diet consisted of chicken fajitas for lunch with just chicken meat peppers and onions.. a little lettuce - one diet Snapple and multiple glasses of unsweetened tea

for dinner I just had a little roasted chicken and some strawberries

I tried to average the calories at 580 for the day.. OH yeah.. I found some flavored drops and added it to my unsweetened tea.. perfect that is all I can say.. perfect.. zero calories and tastes great.. I bought both MIO and DASANI  both work great..

I figured the calories with the doctor's food list and the best estimate I could do was 600 calories. 
Fixing to go to bed.. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.. I have had a lot of energy today and even found myself having more pep in my step.. WML I will write more tomorrow..

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