Saturday, May 25, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time  Well it is 4:29 in the afternoon and my calories are at 429 .. How surreal is that.. Awesome!.. Been busy today  .. had a late breakfast with James and basically just watched him eat ' Ha Ha .. Then did some things in town.. Fixed chicken fajitas for a late lunch and only ate one with a low carb wrap..only grilled chicken, onions and green peppers with a little seasoning ..  I actually have done pretty good for the day.. I feel good I have been cleaning up my porches.. and painted a small cabinet.. I intend on hand painting some vines on it later.. will be great for little Jordy.. to put her toys in.. really going to be cute!

Today is Day 22 of the VLCD phase and I am getting really close to Phase 3 .. gotta say it's a little scary going off the HCG.. I think I have about enough for 3 more days of HCG .. then it will be done.. Hopefully 16 lbs down at the very least.. then it will be on to the maintenance phase but for the first three days after the last HCG inj. I will still have it in my system and have to stay on the VLCD.. then the doc says after that as long as try to do as much walking as I can and follow a sensible diet under 1000 calories a day I should be good .. and continue to lose.. I mainly have to stay off sugar and white flour, along with continuing to watch my carbs..  I have lots of people behind me and I am so proud of myself for giving up sugar and I'm doing really good on carbs just have to constantly watch the numbers..

I will talk to you later.. WML

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