Thursday, May 16, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I had a lot of bloating yesterday after eating.. and the only thing I ate yesterday was one plate of veggies with a small side of beef.. but I think it was the beans .. I thought eating one portion of Lima beans would be okay .. I also broke the plate up to two meals.. one half at lunch and the rest just before I left work.. then I didn't eat the rest of the night.. however I did have a coffee with Stevia.. and for some reason the weight didn't drop, which I'm not going to get over worried about .. I weighed in at still 11lbs down this morning.. . I guess its an apple day for me up to six apples only to get me back on track..    I feel fine but I think I may have not kept enough fluids in my body either.. since I didn't have anything after leaving work but that one coffee.. Drink Drink Drink..  WML

Angie will be in today for a bit.. talk to you later.. WML

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