Saturday, May 18, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I am stalled at 11 lbs down.. It reads 12 lbs.. but since I was just at the my doctors I will go with 11 lbs down .. I know everyone says that the second week is the hardest because you have lost most of the easy weight and now can stall for a few days then drop slower than you did in the first week..  Bummer is all I have to say..

However I will stick with this to the end.. following the diet.. and walking.. I have a goal and I am going to make it..

I have to drive Janice to Britnei's today so I will be driving all day which will be easy for me.. I love to drive.. why I'm not sure.. so I will write more later.. WML

Another thing I hope to break this plateau to make it at least 13 lbs down by MONDAY.. WML

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