Monday, May 13, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well I am 9 pounds down and today is Day 10 and a total of 9 days of dieting.. so I'm at a pound a day according to my scale at home  .. So I'm pleased with that.. Now begins the second work week.. YUK.. yesterday my total calories were approximately 590 for the day.. and with the doctors calorie list they were 580 .. I tried to eat a salad for lunch but I didn't really want it so I only ate about a third of it.. and basically the rest of the day was strictly protein..

I feel okay but a little more sluggish in my weight dropping.. I am losing everywhere but I have a feeling my belly weight is still going to be the last to go.. my legs, arms and chest are going down faster than my actual belly bulge.. but I'm hopeful that once I can move about more that will drop off too.. I have lost inches.. everywhere but the least I think in my gut.. YUK.. talk more later.. WML

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