Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well between the storm and having to go to the bathroom .. I've been up since 5 am .. but that is okay because my Lil dog Pepper hates storms.  He calms down once I am awake because he can snuggle up with me.. lol.. I'm watching the news .. how horrible it is for Oklahoma.. My prayers are them..

Well I am still at 13 lbs but to be exact it registers 13.2 on the scale..  However I'm not unhappy.. I was wanting to get to 13 lbs by yesterday and I reached my goal.  I still think I'm doing good for just 17 actual WLC Days on the diet.. Yesterday I had broccoli salad with onions and bacon.. yogurt, protein bar.. total of 580 calories.. I am doing fine.. and my bloating is doing okay this morning.. I'm taking Gas X for the bloat.. I will write more later.. getting ready for work.. WML

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