Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Well after Day 18 of actual VLCD phase I am (drum roll please) 14 lbs down.. now I will say .. it is my early morning weight however last night I was still at 13 lbs even after all day drinking and my meals.. but today at 6:05 I was staring at 14 lbs down when I weighed.. WOW I am speechless..

but obviously I can type.. LOL

Anyway I'm getting ready for work .. YUK but I will write more later.. still going to have broccoli salad today for lunch.. YUMMY and then probably a low cal yogurt sometime during the day.. I can't wait to see what it is tonight after working all day..I'm doing fine and even got a good nights sleep ..

Write more later..WML

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