Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Okay I'm awake early.. and I think the exercising yesterday may have dehydrated me some.. or maybe its just stress from the doc being back from his vacation today.. for whatever the reason I woke up with a migraine.. yuk.. and my heart I took my blood pressure meds.. and my migraine meds and I am awake now.. 

I feel okay I just need to let the medicine kick in.. and relax...I weighed this morning and .. I'm 6 pounds lighter from the first day of the diet ..  wow..   this is amazing..

I have to admit.. seeing the scale drop like this is reason enough to almost kill be thin.. so is it worth it.. Absolutely.. whether I look six pounds lighter I have no idea.. but I feel lighter.. and the thought of continuing to lose a pound a day for the rest of the three weeks.. means I potentially could lose another 20 or so pounds.. which may not seem like that big of a deal to some people .. but it is to me..

and with having given up the sugar drinks and white flour .. as well as knowing that if all goes well I could do this whole process again in a couple of months.. WOW.. It could mean that I might be able to lose down to what I was years ago.. which would mean the world to me and give me a whole new lease on life.. 

so here I am today six pounds lighter.. and I'm taking just one day at a time.. talk to you guys later.. WML

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