Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

Oh my gosh.. I've had severe scars on both of my legs for years.. and not only did they itch horribly but were so severe I never let anyone see them..     Also I haven't worn shorts in years

And now on Day 13 of the HCG, Day 11 of the VLCD phase ..  My scars are completely gone.. Honestly there is barely any remnants on either leg..  I'm speechless .. shocked ..

I've read some articles online that say that HCG can revitalize skin and help with all kinds of skin conditions.. However you cannot imagine how bad my legs looked.. .. needless to say I'm truly amazed at how great they are now.. 

Anyway today was busy at work ...Total calories for the day were 580 .. lunch was steak fajitas.. (steak peppers and onions) then I had a low glycemic protein bar ..

I've took 2 small strolls down the block.. and I feel great.. can't believe this is happening .. I'm doing great losing weight and now scars!!.. I would have never believed this could happen to me.. and now it is.. WML

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