Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Taking One Day At A Time

I'm getting ready to go home for the day and I thought I'd get back online for a bit to give you a quick update on my day so far.. For one, today has been a pretty easy day.. Thank goodness!.. since I was pretty much dreading coming back to work anyway.. LOL.. I've done good all day.. drinking flavored water and unsweetened tea.. along with munching some pizza toppings and a couple of pieces of cheese.. with my total calories for the day being approximately 300 so far.. now all I have to do is go home and have a sensible dinner with James.. who has been off all day.. LUCKY HIM!.. When I go home I intend on walking Pepper.. just not anyway near 6th street .. LOL.. All in all I'm doing fine.. still 15 lbs down.. and feeling better than I did this morning .... talk to you more later.. WML

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